Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mr Liable is back!

Today was another gorgeous summer day in São Miguel. We had perfect conditions and some really great sightings throughout the day.

In the morning we started with a family of sperm whales that included at least 6 adults and a calf. We were lucky to see many tails from the adults as they went on their deep feeding dives.

After the sperm whales we encountered two sei whales that were really great to watch in the calm ocean.

Photos by Miranda Van der Linde & Mariana Silva

Sei whale blowing

Sei whale

We also encountered a loggerhead turtle in the morning as well as bottlenose dophins, although the whales were really the stars of the show during the morning tour.

Loggerhead turtle

Bottlenose dolphin

In the afternoon we had a male sperm whale to see, which turned out to be the familiar Mr Liable who we know really well. It was the first time this year that we encountered Mr Liable so it was nice to have him back with us, and he also seemed to be comfortable in our presence, as he was very calm and seemed to be sleeping, according to his slow breathing rate. We also had a brief encounter with some bottlenose dolphins in the afternoon, so in the end it was a great day with whales and dolphins for all to see.

Observing bottlenose dolphins

Sperm whale (Mr. Liable)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Families of spotted dolphins, lots of sperm whales and more!

Today we had an authentic summer day, we are pretty sure some of our clients and some of our crew members have been burnt by the sun!

Ocean was clean and calm with no waves or movements which is great to see the cetaceans.

We started in the morning with 3 dolphin species: common, spotted and bottlenose. Dolphins are on summer mood, especially the lovely spotted that have arrived in big, curious groups with many babies, some of the dolphins we were seeing were like one day old!

Sperm whales were seen in the two tours, both in the morning and in the afternoon; today we can say we have many new tails for our tail catalogue; even a breaching was seen in the afternoon!

Photos by Marina Gardoki

Sperm whale

Spotted dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Sperm whale diving

Huge sperm whale

Friday, June 15, 2018

Breaching sperm whales and other four other species of cetaceans

We started the day splendidly. We've sighted five species of cetaceans: striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, pilot whales and sperm whales. 

The four species of dolphins were very lively, but the sperm whale surprised us with magnificent jumps. We saw a single individual, but this incredible animal put on an amazing show.

On the afternoon trip, we saw three of the species seen in the morning, dolphins, pilot whales and sperm whales. They were all very calm on the surface, socializing and resting. This time we saw seven sperm whales in the same area. A family of weight!

Bottlenose dolphin

Cory's Shearwater

Pilot whales and our catamaran

Pilot whale

Sperm whale breaching

Sperm whale breaching

Striped dolphins jumping

In Pico Island, it was the Whales day! 
We saw three Sei whales and Sperm whales. Awesome!

Sei whale blow

Sei whale blow part II

Sperm whale tail

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sei whales, sperm whales and a lot of dolphins in the Azores

In Pico Island, we had a fantastic day at the sea with a lot of marine life! 
We saw a total of five species. 
We encountered Sei whales, Sperm whales and, one of the female Sperm whales with her calf. 

Sperm whale tail

Sei whale

We also saw Common and Risso’s dolphins very curious and, for the first time of the year in Pico Island, we encountered Spotted dolphins very sociable, as they are!

Common dolphin

Spotted dolphin

Rissos dolphin

In São Miguel Island, we had a foggy day: the ‘neblinas de São João’ as we called here on the Island. Despite we didn’t see any big whale we saw four different species of dolphins, including our three resident species (common, bottlenose and Risso’s) plus a group of striped dolphins.
Big groups, with babies and very curious, we could call a ‘many dolphins day’. Much of them were mating!

Watching dolphins

Striped dolphins

Swimming with dolphins

Striped dolphins jumping

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins mating

Common dolphins mating

Common dolphins mating

Watching Common dolphins

A real and sad history of a striped dolphin trying to "revive" his dead partner!

We started a really normal whale watching day in Pico Island.
Our lookout sent us to a location where he could spot some dolphins jumping.

We pass by a lot of Cory’s shearwaters, and we thought, since it’s a normal behavior, that the dolphins could be in the same location.

All of a sudden we spotted a dolphin head in the water…something really normal to see, what was abnormal was that this specific head was staying still in the water.

We went closer with the boat to see what was going on with this individual, and that was when we confirmed our suspicions…the dolphin was dead.

Suddenly out of the blue another dolphin jumped right near this dead individual acting differently. He was jumping on top of the dolphin desperately slapping the dead dolphin with its tail.

There are only 78 registered behaviors like this one in the world. This is mainly observed in the Genus Sousa and Tursiops species. Actually, there is only one register in the entire world, in Greece in the year of 2016, of a striped dolphin behaving like this.

The jumping dolphin we spotted, was trying, somehow, to revive its partner. We cannot guarantee for sure if it was male or female.
We can confirm that they were adults and we saw that the dead dolphin was hurt

I wonder if dolphins are that much different than humans….
I don´t think so....

A testimony by Rui Santos
Check the video with more footage: 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pilot whales and the biggest surprise

A good day here close to São Miguel Island, this morning we went quite far from Ponta Delgada, but it didn't matter because we saw a nice group of pilot whales

Pilot whales and our zodiac

Pilot whale

Pilot whales from our catamaran

When we were coming back we spotted a big group of bottlenose dolphins which were really playful, when we were leaving the area the dolphin started to surf the waves of our catamaran doing amazing jumps.

Bottlenose jumping

Bottlenose jumping - part II

Bottlenose with plastic on its tail

In the afternoon we were having a normal tour at the beginning seeing our resident species; the bottlenose dolphins,  then our lookout sent us to an area where we got the biggest surprise... Yeah the biggest species of the world was there; a blue whale!!  It was a big surprise because we were not expecting to see this whale in this period of the year, but dealing with nature is like that, you never know what we will see. 

Blue whale

Blue whale blow

Loggerhead turtle

Loggerhead turtle

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