Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boar fish fact sheet

Capros aper | Boar fish

The boar fish is from the Percifom order (perch-like fish). This species has an orange stripe and can reach 13 cm in length (maximum 30 cm, breeding size 6.7 cm) and can weigh up to 91 g. They are characterised by 9 to 10 hard dorsal spines and 3 anal fin spines. They have large eyes and a mouth that can form a short projecting tube. Boar fish can live to be 26 years old. 2 different morphotypes exist, however there is not enough evidence that there are different species nor subspecies.This small fish is sexually dimorphic, with the females being slightly bigger then the males. A female can spawn up to 111 eggs. Boar fish feed on crustaceans, worms and molluscs and are abundant in the Northeast Atlantic in subtropical areas (from Norway to South Africa). In the Azores, boar fish are frequently seen dead on beaches and floating in the water during late winter to early summer. Recent studies show that they die from lack of food on their way here with the Gulfstream. It is thought that the nutrients get caught up in Eddies within the Gulf stream. 

In other languages
Portuguese: Peixe pau
Spanish: -
French: -
Italian: Pesce tamburo
German: Eberfisch
Dutch: Evervis
Swedish: Trynfisk
Norwegian: -
Danish: -
Finnish: -
Polish: Kaprosz
Russian: -

Portuguese man-o-war capturing two boar fish

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