Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whales Whales Whales!!!

Yes, sperm whales are here today, close to São Miguel Island! This month we have seen whales every single day. Today we have seen them again!
Morning tour:
During the morning trip we spotted sperm whales on south of the island, close to Vila Franca. On this tour we ha the incredible chance of witnessing the birth of a calf, a baby sperm whale. It was a tremendous moment with emotions and feelings shared by the crew and passengers alike!

The trip finished with a pod of common dolphins.
Afternoon tour:
Even with a bit of wind we were lucky again with plenty of sperm whales to see. Among the group we resighted the baby sperm whale that we saw being born this moring. The calf was like milky coffee, very different to the other whales that we saw in the area.

The whales were spotted by our vigia, a man on land looking for whales and dolphins with powerfull binoculars. It was difficult because the visibility was poor due to fog, but still he managed to find the whales for us!

The trip ended with a show of Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Late afternoon tour:
Today we had an extra third tour in the late afternoon. Unfortunately the visibility had deteriorated, causing our vigia and the boats in the whale area to loose sight of the whales. Nevertheless, a pod of common dolphins made every body happy after some time looking for the whales.

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