Thursday, August 9, 2007

More sperm whales and a sei whale

This morning we resighted our well known group of sperm whales that we have been seeing here in São Miguel over the past week. Today the group was spotted about two miles off the coast of Ponta Garça, along the south coast of the island. The group is made up of several juveniles, females and a large male. As well as the sperm whales in the morning we also encountered groups of common dolphins and a few bottlenose dolphins.
By the time we went on our afternoon tour our vigias (onshore lookouts) had unfortunately lost sight of the sperm whales due to poor visibility and wind on the sea. It was almost impossible to see anything from shore, but luckily our boats found a sei whale just half a mile from the marina where we depart from in Ponta Delgada. There were many birds around, feeding together with the sei whale on a large group of mackerel. It was a great encounter and everybody on our boats got good images of the sei whale. After this encounter we came across a group of common dolphins, so despite the bad visibility we still had a great tour!

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