Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A new group of sperm whales sighted on the south coast of Pico Island

Today we had 3 tours, all of them with sperm whale encounters!
On Sunday a new group of sperm whales appeared along the south coast of Pico Island. We resighted this new group both yesterday and today and both days we did not know where to look because there were whales everywhere! Today we encountered them close to Queimada, and our biologist Romeno took photos of the "new tails of Pico" for our sperm whale catalogue. Some of the whales were very curious and they were spyhopping, showing us their heads and they came high out of the water. The most impressive whale of the group was a very large male that was huge alongside the much smaller females and calves.
Ofcourse we cannot forget the pilot whales we saw today and in many previous days, the Atlantic spotted dolphins that were playing with our boat in the beginning of today's tour and the bottlenose dolphins we encountered right at the end of the tour. Now we are waiting for tomorrow for the next adventure!

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