Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spearfish fact sheet

Tetrapturus spp. Spearfish

Tetrapturus is a genus of marlins containing spearfish. Like marlins, spearfish have elongated bodies and a spear-like snout or bill. Spearfish can be found in tropical and subtropical oceans throughout the world.

There are currently four recognised species, of which two can be seen in the Azores:
- Longbill spearfish (Tetrapturus pfluegeri)
- Roundscale spearfish (Tetrapturus georgii)

Both are small relative to other marlin species and the roundscale spearfish is considered to be the smallest of all the species. In the Azores, spearfish are less abundant, but they can appear during the marlin season (mid July to early October when the water temperatures are at their highest).

Tetrapturus pfluegeri: 2 m (maximum)
Tetrapturus georgii: 2 m (maximum)

Tetrapturus pfluegeri: 58 kg (Canary Islands)
Tetrapturus georgii: 25 kg (Azores)

Diet: Cephalopod, crustaceans and fish

Reproduction: Oviparous, with external fertilization

Longevity: 5 years

Conservation Status: Least concern  (in the Azores the population varies from season to season).

In other languages:
Portuguese: Espadim
Spanish: Aguja picuda
French: Makaire bécune
Italian: Aguglia imperiale
German: Speerfisch
Dutch: Speervis
Swedish: Spjutfisk
Norwegian: - 
Danish: -
Finnish: -
Polish: Marlin
Russian: -

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