Saturday, August 4, 2007

A festival of sperm whales

 Sperm whale breaching. Photo taken by: Ronald de Vries and Annemarie Nijssen
The festival of sperm whales continues off the coast of São Miguel Island. Today Futurismo had two tours; one the morning and another afternoon. On both we observed sperm whales and beaked whales with the added bonus of a lot of dolphins as well. The weather was beautiful, the sea flat and the whales made the most of it by spending the day socialising and resting in groups. The young juvenile whales surprised us by breaching (jumping) here and there (see the photo kindly shared with us by Ronald de Vries and Annemarie Nijsen). In conclusion it was another spectacular day with whales.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We where on the boot that day en we had taken these pictures. The baby spermwhale jumped 5 times it was amazing.
Thank you for the wonderfull time at the Azores.

Ronald en Annemarie

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