Friday, March 14, 2008

A perfect end to the day with sperm whales

Today we had two tours. On our first tour we had good weather and many common dolphins, Risso's dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. It was a very easy and pleasnant tour for us. In the afternoon we had more difficulties finding animals. We went a long way, four boats travelling all the way to Faial da Terra to see a very good group of common dolphins. By this stage we were not too hopeful about seeing whales. But as the sun moved across the sky our vigia (onshore lookout) was able to get a better look of the ocean and he was able to find us a group of sperm whales passing the coastline of Vila Franca and heading west. In the end everybody had the chance to see the magnificent sperm whales. It was the perfect end to a hard and long day.

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