Monday, March 17, 2008

A nice morning on the sea

Sperm whales logging at the surface together

This morning was fantastic! When we left the marina we already knew that our vigia (onshore lookout) had spotted sperm whales. We went straight to the area of  Água de Pau to encounter about 15 sperm whales, a social group made up of several females with their calves and juveniles. They were all moving calmly together, travelling to the southeast. People had the chance to apreciate those gentle animals. Time flew by and before we knew it our time with the sperm whales had run out.
Our vigia further to the east informed us that there were also blue whales in the area, but unfortunatly too far for us to reach them. We had to let the blues go this time. We began our return trip, looking for dolphins along the way. We ended up with the usual, common dolphins, in a nice group that was feeding at the time.

For the afternoon trip we were expecting many whales and we spent some time searching for them, but unfortunately without results. Instead we were pleased to have common dolphins and a nice shinning sun. Whale watching is always unpredictable!

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