Saturday, March 8, 2008

Perfect day!

Once again we just had a trip in the afternoon. But what a trip it was! Our vigia (onshore lookout) situated at the center of the island spotted some common dolphins, the other vigia situated in Relva spotted Risso's and more common dolphins and finally the vigia on the west of the island got something bigger: sperm whales!

We decided to go to the west, stopping briefly along the way to see the Risso's and common dolphins. After this we headed further north to the area indicated by the vigia. A few minutes after we had arrived the whales started appearing at the surface. A whole family of females and calves were there, coming to the surface together after a long dive. We followed the group for a while and were surprised to encounter a group of pilot whales approaching the boat. They passed the sperm whales, dived and then reappeared behing the boats. When we turnted to head back to Ponta delgada everybody was already satifsied so it was an extra surprise to also encounter some bottlenose dolphins on the way back. What a perfect day with 5 species!

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