Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sperm whales all day long

Today the weather is not so good as it has been the last two days. But we hat two tours booked and they ended up being very successfull. During the morning trip we went to the area of Vila Franca where our vigia (onshore lookout) had spotted some sperm whales. But first, as we were leaving the marina we came across a nice group of common dolphins that were very friendly as they usually are. Then it was straight to Vila Franca to observe at least 7 sperm whales. There was also a sei whale around, but the vigia didn't manage to spot it. In the afternoon the wind increasde a little and the waves start to become white. But it wasn't a problem as we still got the whales. Once again vigias in Água de Pau and Ponta Garça followed the same group of sperm whales. It was a gentle family with a lot of calves (babies). We took extra care and distance to avoid disturbing the animals. When our time with the group was up we decided to go back, searching for dolphins along the way. We didn't find any dolphins but we were glad to have a tour focused on the sperm whale!

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