Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One week later...more whales!

After a few days with expecting to see whales, for several reasons we didn't get any. We have been seeing a lot of dolphins: common, bottlenose, risso's and even striped dolphins, but none of the different species of whales indicated by the vigias (onshore lookouts) (sperm whale, blue whale and sei whale). But today our lucky changed as we finally got the see the whales that the vigia spotted for us.

Sperm whale going on a deep dive

Our first stop in the morning was off the coast of Relva to where there was a nice group of bottlenose dolphins. They were calm so those on our swimming boat had the chance to get into the water with them. Our other boats left them to enjoy the swimming and as we approached another group of bottlenose dolphins we were surprised to encounter some false killer whales together with the bottlenose dolphins. We kept seeing more and more false killer whales until we were surrounded by the gentle and very curious animals. We switched off the engines to enjoy an amazing encounter. We also received information about a sei whale, not far from where we were. We looked for the whale but could not find it. 
In the afternoon, we changed scenery, and went to the east side where we had some sperm whales. On the way we stop to see a group of common dolphins and after a long wait we had our whales. We saw at least 8 sperm whales. On our way back we were surprised to encounter two sei whales near Água d'Alto. They didn't wait for us. They went on a long dive and were not seen again. In the end it was a perfect day with a lot of animals and nice weather.

False killer whale

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