Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April begins with an elusive sperm whale

The morning there was some strong wind blowing from the southeast so the sea was a bit rough, but the vigia (onshore lookout) informed us it was ok to go to sea and there were animals out there for us to see. On the way to the east side of the island, near Lagoa, we found a group of friendly common dolphins. We stayed with them for a while then continued to the area of Ponta Garça where the vigia had spotted a group of sperm whales. Before we reached the area we came across a group of bottlenose dolphins in the area of Caloura. Unfortunately by the time we arrived to the area of the whales (Ribeira Quente) the group had already taken off. A few people on one boat were lucky to see two blows and the body of a big sperm whale, but after its short appearance the whale was not seen again. We did encounter a group of at least 15 Risso's dolphins in the area, so not all was lost.

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