Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blue whales, fin whales and dolphins in São Miguel, Azores

Blue whale raising its tail to start a dive

Blue whale coming up to breathe

Today we had a fantastic tour at sea. In the morning our vigia (onshore lookout) spotted two blue whales south of Água de Pau. This is an area where we have been seeing more blue whales in the past few days. The whales we saw today were very large ones, both around 23 meters in length! Just when we thought we had seen it all we hear there were also fin whales about one mile closer to the coastline. Not many people are lucky enough to say they have seen the largest and second largest animals in the world! As usual we also encountered a large group of common dolphins to give make every body extra happy with their tour.

Our afternoon tour began with common dolphins, just sough of Lagoa. The blue whales were just a bit further in the area of  Água de Pau. A few minutes after we arrived to the area we saw a magnificent and unmistakable blow of a blue whale. The whales were a beautiful bright blue colour when viewed through the water, just like the colour of a tropical ocean. On our way back to the marina we found a pod of young bottlenose dolphins to add another species to today's list. We returned to Ponta Delgada with a nice warm sun, just in time for a cold drink.

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