Thursday, May 1, 2008

April ends with familiar sperm whales

At last we had both nice weather and whales to observe. In the morning our vigia (onshore lookout)  in Água de Pau informed us that there were sperm whales to see, so we went straight out to the area. On the way we had a brief stop to watch a pod of common dolphins that were feeding with a few Cory's shearwaters flying over them. Further out the sperm whales turned out to be a group of 4 sperm whales that we recognised from other encounters that we had in the last couple of weeks here. We could identify the whales from the patterns of white markings that they have on their bodies. On our return trip to Ponta Delgada we encountered more common dolphins travelling together with a large group of striped dolphins. It was a great show to see the dolphins leaping across the water. It was the perfect end to a nice tour with great weather.

For the afternoon we expect more or less the same...but we were not so lucky. We started with an encounter with a pod of bottlenose dolphins near the marina. After this we headed far out with the sperm whales in mind. We didn't find any whales but we did see a large group of playfull common dolphins near Vila Franca.

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