Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sei whales again

Today we had another encounter with sei whales, but only during our morning tour. Everybody was able to get a really good look at three sei whales, making it a really nice tour. In the afternoon we weren't so lucky. Our two vigias (onshore lookouts) resighted the sei whales, but we (in the boats) didn't get to see them. Every tour is different because we are working in nature with wild animals, so sometimes these things happen. But when there aren't whales there are usually dolphins to make everybody happy. In the morning we encountered bottlenose dolphins and in the afternoon common dolphins.

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24hMigrain said...

Hello Futurisimo,
Greetings from Sweden.

You took us out to see sperm whales September 15 last year, great ride.!

Thank you a lot for that. I took a picture during that ride which you can see on the link below:

I hope to return some day to use your services again.

Until then, have a nice one.

Best Regards

Marcus Lenngren

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