Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sperm whales, sei whales and dolphins!

Today the island was hidden under fog. We also had a bit of rain, we couldn't see anything. Not ideal conditions to start our adventures because we rely on vigias (onshore lookouts) to find the animals by sight. But we decided to take a chance and we went south, just off the coast of Ponta Delgada. A few minutes into our tour we found a group of common dolphins. After some time with the dolphins and decided to go more to the south where there was not fog. By now the vigias were able to see and within no time we some blows were spotted. There were two sei whales and very close by there were also some bottlenose dolphins! So despite the poor weather conditions to begin with we ended up with a very good tour and everybody was happy with their cetacean sightings.

After lunch it was sunnny so we headed out again. This time we had something different to see. There was a group of sperm whales to the south so we went straight to the area. As well as the sperm whales we had some extra encounters with the sei whales and common dolphins. In the end it was a good day with four different species.

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