Friday, October 17, 2008

A visit from a whale shark, a minke whale and more whale and dolphin species

This month has been full of nice surprises in São Miguel. We have had perfect summer weather with sun, flat seas and many species to see. Over the past few days we have encountered sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and common dolphins

Today was another great day, starting in the morning we our resident common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins and following up with a group of pilot whales. Among them we spotted a different fin which turned out to be from a minke whale, our first of the season!  For the afternoon our vigia (onshore lookout) found us a large group of at least 200 dolphins as well as sperm whales. Just when we thought we had it all we encountered a whale shark (the world's largest fish). We stopped to swim with the gentle giant for a while, before continuing to the sperm whales for a perfect end to the day.

Whale shark underwater (accompanied by pilot fish)

Minke whale

Pilot whales

Bottlenose dolphin

Common dolphin

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