Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bryde's whale in the Azores

September has ended and left us with many nice memories of whales and dolphins. This month we have encountered 8 different cetacean species (sperm whale, sei whale, Bryde's whale, bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphin, Risso's dolphin and striped dolphin). The Bryde's whale (pictured on the left and below) was particularly special as it is a rare summer visitor that is not sighted often in the Azores. This month we have also been with some whale sharks that were really great to swim with! Now it seems that summer is leaving us very quickly, as we are experiencing some fresh northeasterlies.

Bryde's whale (identified by the three ridges on top of the head)

Dive sequence of a well known sperm whale (we call him Mr Liable) diving

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