Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Winter days followed by a fin whale

The last week was very windy and we weren't able to go out to sea. Fortunately yesterday we managed to go out although the air was slightly foggy and fresh and the sea was a bit choppy. While we were out at sea the visibility got worse so that the vigia (onshore lookout) couldn't help us as much as we wanted. He saw a blue whale a little bit far from the coast. We tried to encounter the whale, but when we got to the area the vigia could not see well in our direction because of the light reflecting off the surface of the water. So unfortunately he could not lead us to the whale and it reminded us how important our lookouts are to us for spotting the animals. What we did see on this tour was bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins in the morning and the common dolphins again in the afternoon.

Although the fog was here to stay, today the forecast was much better! And with a little bit of sun throughout the day we were able to find a fin whale, the second biggest animal in the world!! To join the party we also encountered also two of the resident species of dolphins: common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins!!

Lets hope for the winter weather leaves us and the spring to take its place already!! It has been an unusually long winter this year and it seems like the sun has only been visiting us once a week for the past two months! But even with the sad forecasts we've been having, nothing takes our will to enjoy the beauty of this islands and hope that your will doesn't fade as well! Taking the chance of coming to the Azores, it might mean a little bit of rain and wind but also it might mean having the experience of a life time you get to see the natural beauty that these volcanic islands have to offer!!

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