Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blue whales and a fin whale in a red-coloured sea

In the last days the weather turned windy again. Our last trip was on Saturday, a sunny day. We did two tours. On the tours we encountered blue whales and dolphins. The second trip just was fantastic with two blue whales going slowly around the boat.

Today in the morning tour we only sighted common dolphins. The visibility didn't allow our vigia (onshore lookout) to see that far so he could not spot the whales further off the coast. In the afternoon the vigia  moved to another sighting station close to the west side of the island. And the result... we got a fin whale in a red sea. The sea was red because it was full of krill. Baleen whales like fin whales and blue whales feed on these tiny shrimp-like animals. So as long as we have this large concentration of krill the whales should stick around a while because they have just spent some months fasting in their winter breeding grounds. We hope that tomorrow we can find the whales again!

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