Friday, April 9, 2010

Whales and dolphins in São Miguel, Azores

Fog covered the island on the last three days. Luckily for us today the weather improved in the afternoon and we were able to go out to sea on two successful tours. On the first tour we saw two minke whales (a mother and a calf) and a few dolphins. The fog allowed our lookout to only see three miles away from the coast. During our second tour the weather conditions changed a lot for the better! We had many sei whales, two fin whales and many, many dolphins.

One of our boats was on a swimming with dolphins program and got a curious situation: the sei whales were mixed with the dolphins and it was a  surprise to have bee able to see this kind of interaction. Our two trips demonstrated that the sea around São Miguel island has a lot of food and nutrients and therefore, the baleen whales spend a lot of their migration time around here! We hope to have the same luck in the next few days!!

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