Saturday, June 26, 2010

A day in the office doing photo-ID

The weather has been very miserable and rainy all day today, so unfortunately we have not been able to go out on the water. However, this has given us the chance to sort and analyse our most recent photographs and encounter data that we have collected during tours in the previous few weeks of good weather. It is important that we collect as much information as possible on the animals that we see during our trips. In particular, we record the position of animals and take ID photographs to help us understand more about the occurence and movements of whales and dolphins around the islands. In the last few weeks we have been seeing and photographing many sperm whales in the area. By comparing our recent sperm whale ID photographs to our catalogue of known individuals we were able to find 3 matches today:

This is one of our known individuals "Mr Liable" that was here at least two days last week. He is a large adult male that we have seen many times in the past 4 years at least, so we have got to know him very well.

We can recognise sperm whales by the natural marks along the trailing edge of their tail flukes (just like our finger prints). This is the tail of "Mr Liable!"

As the summer goes on we hope to see more of our resident sperm whales. We hope to see you here so you can come and see our resident whales and dolphins for yourself...

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