Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eventful week at Futurismo

The past week has been very eventful and exiting for the Futurismo team. We have had some very good tours that included sightings of our resident sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Risso's dolphins. In some of our tours migrating fin whales and sei whales were seen as well. During the last few days we have also celebrated two new events: the launching of our new catamaran and the beginning of our summer sunset tours. Here is some more information and photos from the highlights of the past week:

Sunset tour, 11th June:

This evening we had our first sunset tour for the summer season. Our sunset trips are aimed to be very relaxing. We cruise towards the sunset at a leisurely pace, allowing our passengers to soak in the views of the rugged coastline while enjoying some local Azorean refreshments. The highlight of the trip is of course to see the sky light up in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, pink and red, as the sun disappears from view beyond the ocean horizon. The sunset did not disappoint us on this trip! We actually got more than we were hoping for: within minutes of leaving the marina we came across a very active group of bottlenose dolphins. Here are some photos from the tour:

Our passengers were very exited to see a large group of bottlenose dolphins within minutes of leaving the marina

Some shots taken during different phases of the gorgeous sunset

Launching of our catamaran, the latest edition to our fleet - 9th June:

On the 9th of June we hosted a special evening to celebrate the launching of our new catamaran. This new edition to our fleet will be used to run tours alongside our smaller boats. Our new catamaran allows a greater degree of comfort while travelling over the sea, so that a greater diversity of people have the opportunity to come whale watching with us. As well as comfort, the spacious upper deck of this boat offers excellent viewing opportunities and ease of maneuverability aboard to give the best possible view. Our evening ended with a special tour to give our special guests and film crew a taste of what it's like to cruise aboard our catamaran:

Boarding the catamaran "Quatros ventos"

Cruising out of the marina

All of our special guests and crew enjoyed the atmosphere on the upper viewing deck

We returned back to a glowing warm sunset over Ponta Delgada

Some photos from our regular whale watch tours this week:
Here are just a few more photos of some of the great encounters that we had this week. The last two days have been especially great for viewing Risso's dolphins:

One of our boats watching Risso's dolphins

The last two days we have been lucky enough to encounter a relatively large group of at least 12 Risso's dolphins

Last but not least: some common dolphins racing alongside our boat

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