Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 more great days on the water

Our last 2 days of whale and dolphin watching have been excellent. Yesterday we saw 6 different species (sperm whales, Risso's dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, common dolphins, and striped dolphins). Yesterday was particularly memorable for our passengers that got to experience a lucky close up encounter with a very curious young sperm whale that continuously approached their boat. This morning we saw sperm whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins again. There was also a sei whale along our coastline, although we were not able to view this individual. The water is crystal clear today, so it has been perfect for viewing dolphins alongside our boats:

Bottlenose dolphins swimming alongside our catamaran

Standing up the front of the boat our passengers get an amazing view of the dolphins as they bow-ride. Today the experience was really spectacular because the water was extremely calm an clear and you could hear the dolphins echolocating while they were travelling alongside us

Female sperm whale fluking while her calf was swimming just behind her

Our afternoon dolphin swimming tour has just returned from what the crew have just described as "one of their best experiences swimming with bottlenose dolphins". Shortly our whale watching boats will also be returning from their afternoon trip, so hopefully they will also have another success story to share.

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