Monday, September 27, 2010

Some of the sperm whales we saw this afternoon
The last two days we have had a large group of at least 10 sperm whales off our coastline. Yesterday they were a long way out of Ponta Delgada, but today they had moved in much closer. The group consisted of several females with their juveniles and calves, and during the morning they were seen socialising and breaching. In the late morning and afternoon the whales began their long and deep feeding dives, which meant that we were able to see many spectacular tails as the whales went down. We also had encounters with common dolphins, striped dolphins, and Atlantic dolphins. This afternoon we were especially lucky because the Atlantic spotted dolphins stayed with us the whole time that we were in the sperm whale area. Some of these dolphins even came with us to visit the sperm whales on the surface.

Atlantic spotted dolphins that stayed with us for most of our afternoon whale watching tour

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