Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today the weather and sea are about as good as it gets. The sun is shinning and the sea is like a mirror. The conditions are predicted to remain like this for at least the next few days, so it´s the perfect time to go whale watching or swimming with dolphins. This morning we even had a special guest; a little sparrow that joined us for most of our whale watching tour onboard our new catamaran:

Small sparrow that hitched a ride to come whale watching with us this morning

During the first part of this morning we first came across bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales. A bit later we also found a group of at least 7 sperm whales feeding off our coastline. In this group we instantly recognised an individual we know as "Orca" (featured in the previous blog entry).

One of this morning´s sperm whales raising its tail to go on a deep dive
At the end of this morning some of our passengers were lucky enough to also have a rare encounter with some beaked whales. You just never know when you are going to be able to see these elusive animals. At this moment our boats are back on the water for the afternoon round of whale watching. When they return hopefully they will be able to report back that it has been yet another successful and exiting trip.

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