Friday, October 15, 2010

After a week of almost continous bad weather, we have been lucky to have a return to calm seas in the past 2 days. Both yesterday and today we saw our resident bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, and sperm whales. Yesterday's sperm whale sighting was of a large male that we have come to know as Mr Liable. This individual frequently visits our area, and he has been doing so for many years. We can easily recognise Mr Liable when he dives, just by seeing the distinct marks on his tail. Today we had a group of sperm whales in the area during the morning and afternoon. This group was made up of several females and their calves, and we were lucky to see many of their tails as they went on their deep dives. Here are some of the moments that today's passengers got to witness:

Common dolphins jumping and bowriding in front of our catamaran

Sperm whale mother and calf

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