Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today the weather allowed us to return to the sea again for another great day of whale watching and swimming with dolphins. During both the morning and afternoon 3 different cetacean species were seen, giving a total of 5 different species throughout the entire day. Our encounters in the morning were with a group of common dolphins and a mixed group of bottlenose dolphins and Risso´s dolphins that were socialising together. During the afternoon we saw common dolphins again, striped dolphins, and a large male sperm whale that we call "Mr Liable".

One of the Risso´s dolphins we saw with a group of bottlenose dolphins this morning

Our passengers viewing "Mr Liable" - a male sperm whale that regularly visits our waters

Some of the striped dolphins that we saw this afternoon - they were "running" at very high speeds, which is typical behaviour for this species
Hopefully tomorrow the weather and see state will remain favourable so that we may have another day of successful tours.

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