Friday, November 5, 2010

Anti-whaling day - November 5th/6th

Today is anti-whaling day. Throughout the world people are coming together to show their support for an end to illegal whaling activities that continue today, despite a global moratorium on commercial whaling. There are many events taking place in major cities around the world, which anybody is welcome to attend (click here to find events near you). You can also show your support by posting a S.T.O.P photo of yourself to the official anti-whaling day website ( Here at Futurismo Azores whale watching we are supporting this very important cause, and we have been gathering S.T.O.P photos of our staff and other people that work with us in the marina. Here are some of our photos:

The more photos we are able to contribute the stronger our voice will be. It's not to late to contribute, so we would like to encourage as many individuals and groups (such as schools, businesses and organisations) as possible to upload their S.T.O.P photos.

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