Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bottlenose dolphins jumping next to our boat this afternoon

Atlantic spotted dolphins swimming beneath our boat

Cory´s shearwater seen feeding among the dolphins this morning

Today we had another round of very good tours on the water. In the morning and afternoon we saw the same group of pilot whales that we saw yesterday. In the morning the group was fairly spread out and diving frequently, but by the afternoon they had come together and we were able to see at least 30 individuals. In the morning our swimming clients had a great swim with a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins in our crystal clear calm waters. The Atlantic spotted dolphins were also great to watch for the rest of us that didn´t swim. We were lucky enough to see several hundred of these dolphins feeding together with a large number of birds (Cory´s shearwaters) flying overhead. Those that were on our afternoon whale watching tour got to see a very large and social group of bottlenose dolphins. There were at least 50 individuals in this group and they were all concentrated around our boat. We were lucky to see a lot of social behaviour, including tail slapping and some very impressive high jumps very close to our boat.

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