Saturday, December 18, 2010

This morning offered a "smooth" time at sea, with long waves and a sea the colors of silver and blue. We headed soutwest and there under a group of yellow-legged gulls we met up with some comnon dolphins. It was a small group of some ten animals, a group size very representative for the winter time here. In the vicinity we had some local fishing boats that were out catching squid and unluckly for them but luckly for us this had some hungry Risso´s dolphins comming around. Most of them were old animals, white and big, and when they had had their pick of the food they started socialising and jumping, giving us the chance to take some good ID photos. We also saw four Macaronesian shearwaters flying around and bobbing about on the surface, very cute, as we are more costumed to the bigger Cory's shearwater. Here are some photos from this morning's tour:

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