Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This morning we were lucky to go out on a whale watching tour and encounter a very large group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. We would usually expect this species to leave our waters around this time of the year, so it was good to still see them around. It was even better to see that many of them had recently given birth, so there were a lot of newborn calves among the group of adults and juveniles.

We saw at least several hundred dolphins (it was difficult to estimate the numbers because there were so many of them spread over a large area). Although there was a very large swell from our recent bad weather, it gave for excellent surfing conditions for the dolphins. Our passengers were delighted to see large groups of dolphins coming up to surf the waves in unison. Among the surfers we also saw several of the younger juvenile dolphins leaping several metres vertically out of the waves. Definitely a great memory for this morning´s passengers.

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