Saturday, February 5, 2011

One of those perfect days

"Dino" who swims together with "Sphinx"

Yes, it can rain in the Azores during the winter, but, most years, the weather is pretty ok from January onwards. This Thursday the weather was more like summer and the sea surface lay flat like a mirror. Therefore we were hopeful when we set of to sea. It also did not take long until we came across a small group of Bottlenose dolphins. Looking closer at their dorsal fins, we recognized one of them straight away, last time we saw this dolphin named "Sphinx", was in December last year ("Sphinx" had also then been part of a small group but that time we were not so lucky in getting photo-id's, this time we were more fortunate.) The Bottlenose dolphins seen here in the Azores can be either resident (staying around all year) or transient (passing through). The resident dolphins of the Azores are believed to belong to one and the same population. The group structure however, is rather complex as some individuals have very strong connections to each other or to a location while others come and go on a more loose basis. We have a few different groups that we have seen more frequently, however it would just be normal if some of these opted for another location during some time and that other group’s appeared in their place.

After this encounter we went further out and meet up with a big group of common dolphins (around 50-60). They were lovely, so chilled out as they flocked around us, even the mothers brought the calves to the boat to play. It warmed our souls to listen to their twittering whistles and as we slowly glided about in the sun, we smiled big and just enjoyed.
Unfortunately good things come to an end and we had to return.
But to our friends out there, See you next time and swim in peace!

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