Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today we are celebrating the feeling of Spring finally arriving here in the Azores. This became evident this morning, with the arrival of our first baleen whale of the season. It was just our luck that it was an adult blue whale, the biggest of them all! Our crew and passangers were all very excited when we got the call that our vigia (lookout) had spotted the blue whale off the coast of São Miguel Island. There is nothing like the excitement of watching such a magnificant creature coming up to the surface with a blow that can reach up to 12 m in height. Here is a photo that we managed to capture of the big blue:

The blue whale had an unusual shaped dorsal fin which is a usefull feature to use for matching to other blue whale photographs. This can enable us to learn more about the number of different blue whales that pass through the waters of the Azores, as well as their migration patterns. We just hope that this year we will have another great season in which we can see many baleen whale species passing by the island on their anual migration.

Today it was also another good day to see our resident common dolphins. Throughout our tour we encountered three groups of common dolphins which were all very interested in bow riding in front of our boats. So for us it was another great day of whale and dolphin watching here at Futurismo.

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