Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Humpback whales breaching in São Miguel!!!

This afternoon our passengers were treated to a once in a lifetime experience! We had two humpback whales in the area, and Futurismo was there to see it!! Humpback whales are not sighted very often in the Azores, so we were very excited to see them to them here in São Miguel. We are off to a very good start to the season with our sightings so far. São Miguel is the place to be for your whale watching experience!!

These photos from today show it all!! Our passengers described their tour with us as a "once in a lifetime experience". We are looking forward to sharing many more of such experiences this season.


Couac said...

I finally remember to write a comment here, it's been almost six months since we were there... Anyhow, here's links to two short Youtube videos from this particular trip :)

Thanks again for a great tour, I hope the young couple are still doing great!

Couac said...

I apologise for my retardedness, it's been 6 months since this trip, but I wanted to share two videos with you taken on the 16th of March, 2011. Thanks for an amazing tour!

I hope the "newlyweds" are still doing great :)

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