Friday, March 11, 2011

The sperm whales have returned to us!!!

Today was a very good whale watching day for Futurismo. After a long wait a group of sperm whales have returned to our waters. We found the group this morning, not to far from shore, and when we returned in the afternoon they were still there. The group was made up of several females with their calves, some of which we could instantly recognise from previous years. Throughout the whole day we saw a lot of magnificent tails as the whales went on their dives, and in the morning we were even treated to a breach (jumping out of the water) and some lobtailing (tail slapping on the water´s surface) from one individual. Those people that came on the morning tour also had an encounter with a friendly group of our resident bottlenose dolphins. Here are just a few photos from our sperm whales today:

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