Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots of dolphins

Today has been a great day on the sea. The wind has finally dropped of and the sun has come out to give us great visibility. We have had great sightings during both our morning and afternoon tours. This morning we saw a large group of more than 100 common dolphins spread over a large area. Among this group we also spotted a small loggerhead turtle. A bit futher ofshore there was a nice group of bottlenose dolphins awaiting us. This group was very social and they approached our boats very closely. We got to see some nice jumping, tail slapping, and even mating behaviour. Here are some photos from the morning tour:

Bottlenose dolphin side-jumping

Bottlenose dolphins bowriding with our boats

During the afternoon tour just saw a few groups of common dolphins. However, it was another good show for us to watch. We got to see some great interactions between the dolphins. Whether they were fighting with each other or playing we are not sure. Here is one of the photos from the afternoon:

Common dolphins interacting

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