Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 dolphin species in one tour

Yesterday we had another perfect calm, clear and warm day here in São Miguel. It made for another great trip on the water. We ended up having some amazing sighthings of 3 dolphin species: bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and striped dolphins. The water was perfectly clear so we had excellent visibility of the dolphins swimming around and under our boat. The bottlenose dolphins were particularly spectacular to see close to shore. There were at least 60 individuals in this group, including several very young calves. Our onshore vigias (lookout men) also spotted whales, although they did not want to make an appearance for us today not matter how long we waited for them to surface. Nontheless, our dolphin encounters were absolutely magical and made our tour worthwhile!

Common dolphins leaping alongside our boat

Bottlenose dolphin jumping clear of the water

Beautiful calm day off São Miguel island

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