Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blue whales, fin whales, sperm whales and Risso´s dolphins all in one day!!!

And then it happened. A grand slam, all in one tour. It started of modestly with two Risso's dolphins diving inbetween three small fishing boats, obviously enjoying what otherwise would have been the fishermens catch. Then the vigia guided us out to a sperm whale, but it dived just before we reached the area. However, we were lucky that after 45min he came up again, a fair-sized male taking his time breathing before turning his big fluke and disapearing down into the deep. After this we headed south to meet up with three or four fin whales. They were lunging up towards the surface seemingly feeding together with blue whale. What can I say, this time you should really have been there!

3 photos of one of the fin whales we saw during our afternoon tour yesterday

One of the blue whales we saw during our afternoon tour yesterday

Our afternoon tour was just as great. We did not see the sperm whales nor Risso´s dolphins again, but we still had fin whales and blue whales out there, and we managed to see them very well. First we went to the fin whales. There were 4 of them passing by the coast, and we got to see 2 of them very well, travelling together not very far out of Ponta Delgada. The 2 blue whales that we saw next were passing even closer to the coastline. So close that you could easily have seen their huge vertical blows if you were standing onshore. Definitely an unforgetable experience!

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