Thursday, April 21, 2011

Humpback whales again in São Miguel

This morning we were lucky in São Miguel to have our third humpback whale encounter of the season. The two adult humpback whales were travelling together among a social group of common dolphins. The whales were spending a fair bit of time diving and re-surfacing in unpredictable places, but after a bit of patientce, and following the dolphins we were able to have a good look at these amazing whales. Just before we were about to leave the area one of the whales brought up its magnificent tail, giving us a perfect end to our tour.

In the afternoon we returned to the same area where our watchman had been seeing the whales passing, but unfortunately this time we did not encounter the whales. Nevertheless, there were still plenty of common dolphins around, that made up for it by putting on a great display of jumps and wave surfing.

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