Friday, April 1, 2011

More humpback whales seen this morning!!!

This morning during our whale watching tour we saw 4 humpback whales passing through the area. It´s the second time this season that we have had such a lucky encounter with this incredible species of whale here in São Miguel! These are the same species of whale that we saw breaching here last month (see previous blog entry).

The humpback whales that we saw today were diving for long periods and only coming occasionally in very unpredictable places. But with a bit of persistence and patience we got close enough to confirm the species. At one point all 4 of them surfaced close to one of our boats, and a bit later we saw one of them raising its tail to go on a dive. This time our crew did not manage to take any good photos, but the most important thing is that we got to see them! If you were a passenger on board with us and you would like to share your experience or tour photos with us you are most welcome!

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