Monday, April 4, 2011

More Sei whales, bottlenose dolphins and Risso´s dolphins

Despite poor visibility today, we went out this morning and still had great sightings! A few minutes after leaving the marina we found a small group of Risso´s dolphins hanging around some local fishing boats, probably trying to catch some squid off their lines. Not long after, we were with a larger group of bottlenose dolphins that were really interested in our boat. Next it was Sei whales, the same species that we saw yesterday morning and afternoon. Today it was a group of different individuals to yesterday´s groups. From our photographs of the whales´fins we can say that there were at least 4 individuals travelling in this group, including a mother and a calf! This year so far we have had really great sei whale (and other dolphin and whale) sightings here in São Miguel. As well as the dolphins and whales, we also saw a loggerhead turtle on the surface among the sei whales. There is always something great to see here!

Sei whales: Mother (front) and calf (back) passing along the São Miguel coastline this morning

Risso´s dolphin seen just outside of Ponta Delgada this morning

Loggerhead turtle

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