Sunday, April 24, 2011

More sperm whales, a fin whale, risso´s dolphins and common dolphins

Today turned out to be another great whale watching day here in São Miguel. Although the sun didn´t make much of an appearance, we were thankfull to have a perfectly calm sea and great sightings during the day. In the morning we saw a few risso´s dolphins, followed by common dolphins and sperm whales. It was a great sighting of the sperm whales; we saw 2 large individuals breathing on surface of the very calm water. After a few minutes they went down on a deep dive; both of them raising their tails high into the air.

Some of our passengers very excited by the common dolphins swimming around their boat

One of the sperm whales we saw diving during our morning tour

Our afternoon tour started off with an encounter with a small group of common dolphins. After that our onshore lookout guided us to an area where he had seen a whale. Not long after we arrived to the area we were surprised by a large fin whale which unexpectedly surfaced close to one of our small boats. We are very happy to have made it a very memorable easter for today´s passengers.

Large fin whale surfacing close to one of our boats

The fin whale

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