Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today was another great day for whale watching. The sea was calm and the air is warming up now that summer is approaching. During our morning tour we saw a small group of bottlenose dolphins and 4 sei whales off the western side of the island. In the afternoon we saw a group of about 50 common dolphins to the east. The water was very clear and we were lucky to see a lot of jumping, tail slapping and socialising from the dolphins. We also saw several very small young dolphins swimming close around our boat. Today we also had some more bonus encounters with several bird species that we do not see every day, including a Manx shearwater and a storm petrel, as well as a large shark which was unfortunately dead. It´s all in a day of whale watching; we just never know what to expect. Here are some photos of the common dolphins we saw this afternoon:

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