Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photos from some of our passengers last week

Here are some photos kindly shared by two of our passengers from last week. The first photo of a sperm whale diving was taken by Ola Rönnerup (who also contributed the great bubble-blowing crab photos in our last blog post). The second photos of a blue whale sighted here last week were taken by Maarten Groot. We always appreciate feedback from our customers and are always very glad to receive photos from their experiences. Thank you to Ola and Maarten.

Sperm whale diving - Photo taken by Ola Rönnerup

Blue whale - Photo taken by Maarten Groot

Blue whale diving - Photo taken by Maarten Groot

These are just some of our sightings of what is turning out to be a great season. We are already having many sperm whales sightings, including today in both the morning and afternoon. We are looking forward to many more great tours to come.

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