Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today we had another great day of whale watching in São Miguel island. We were very lucky to have very calm and clear water today with plenty of dolphins and whales around throughout the day. During the morning we saw 4 species: sperm whales, a blue whale, common dolphins, and one lone bottlenose dolphin. Although the sperm whales were a bit difficult to observe in the morning, the blue whale sighting was very good. It may have been one of the blue whales that we saw yesterday. By looking at the photos from both days we will be able to tell whether it is the same individual.

The afternoon trip was also successful with more sperm whale sightings and plenty of time with a sociable group of common dolphins. This time the sperm whales were more approachable so we saw a few tails and a small calf. A loggerhead turtle was a bonus on the way home!

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