Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A beautiful day on the sea with 5 species of dolphins and whales

Today was one of those beautiful days where the sea was perfectly flat and clear with barely any wind. It made for perfect conditions to spot and view dolphins and whales on our tours today. We were lucky that there were a lot of animals around today. In the morning we had a tour on our new catamaran "Cetus" and had some great encounters with sperm whales, pilot whales, rissos dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. On this tour we got to see many sperm whale females and calves as well as some amazing jumps from the risso's dolphins. The afternoon was just as good as on this tour we got to see an exeptionally high tail from one of our resident sperm whales, a very small pilot whale calf and a very friendly group of common dolphins swimming close to our boat in the crystal clear waters.

Some of the curious common dolphins swimming alongside our boat during the afternoon tour

Pilot whale calf swimming close to its mother

One of the sperm whales we sighted throughout the day

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