Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sperm whale group socialising!

Today was another great day at sea in São Miguel. Today we saw sperm whales, Risso's dolphins and common dolphins. The sperm whales were socialising throughout the day, so we got to see many of them on the surface together. Some of us were lucky to see one of the whales sticking its head out of the water (spyhopping) and another rolling on its side to show part of its tail above the water. In the morning we counted 7 whales side by side, and in the afternoon 4, including a very small calf. The calf looked like it was very young, possibly close to newborn which is when they are only 4 metres long. We also saw many common dolphin calves, including some that were recently born as they still had skin folds. Here are some photos of today's sperm whales:

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