Monday, June 6, 2011

Today was an exciting day for crew and passengers alike as we took one of our first trips on our new catamaran "Cetus"! With plenty of space to move around and the opportunity to view the animals from different viewing spots on the boat meant everyone had a fantastic chance to see the whales and dolphins.

Our coastal vigia spotted sperm whales not too far from shore, so we spent time with a group of females and calves as they socialised and dived to feed. One of our biologists Miranda took this great shot of one of the whales diving.

Other species included bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and striped dolphins in the morning, and Cory's shearwaters flying alongside the boats. A great day to have one of our first days out on the water with "Cetus" - especially with the new open layout of the boat's bow so we can look down on the dolphins bow-riding.


"Muffyjo" said...

Very Nice! So wonderful to see a blog with support for recreational viewing of these lovely creatures in their natural habitat... You have a wonderful blog! Bookmarked it... Trying to find a follow link. If you don't mind, would love to link you with my Champion of the Seas Blog too. I believe you are true Ocean Champions :))

Miranda van der Linde said...

Thank you for your very nice comment. It's good to know that people appreciate our blog. Do you have a link for us to get to your champion of the seas blog?

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